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How Kdramas and Andy Grammer gave me Fresh Eyes

So it has been awhile since I have posted and while my food journey is suffering there are other areas to healthy living. Relationships being one of them. I have known my husband since I was 19 years old and next year we will be celebrating our 25th year of marriage. By no means do we have a perfect relationship; but I can honestly say that we are closer than we have ever been. Slightly off topic is the fact that I have become a fan of Kdramas (Korean Tv shows). I have been reflecting what it is exactly that makes me appreciate them in spite of the fact that most people think I have gone nuts. This is what I have decided. First off they are just fun. The comedy that exists in them is just so funny. They can be pretty cheesy and fairytale-ish thus setting unrealistic expectations of romance if you don’t know better. However, the content is usually very clean in terms of what we see here in America and has an innocence that I appreciate. In Kdramas¬†EVERYTHING is a big deal! Touching accidently, brushing hands, holding hands, and usually you get to the end of a series before there is even kissing. This got me thinking. In a relationship as long as the one I have been in it is easy to take the little things for granted. It can be easy to stop doing the little things. I feel like many relationships suffer and even end due to boredom and lack of excitement over each other. So as I have been watching these shows I began to think of being more intentional with the affection and appreciation that I show my husband. Does this mean I never disappoint him with my behavior and that he never disappoints me? Absolutely not. However I think we have both started appreciating each other more. Coincidently an Andy Grammer song has been playing over recent months called “Fresh Eyes”. At first I enjoyed it but didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. As I became more intentional in my relationship I began to realize that this song was saying exactly what I was feeling toward my husband.

“So suddenly I’m in love with a stranger, I can’t believe he’s mine, Now all I see is you with fresh eyes

Appreciation, well, it comes and it goes, But, I’ll ride that wave with you, It’s human nature to miss what’s under your nose, ’til you, ’til you remind a fool

Maybe all of this is simple, My heart’s unconditional, yeah”

Through it all my husband and I are now in an “I love you” “I love you more” war and he is even enjoying some of my Korean tv. (He is especially a fan of the music haha) we text each other often just to say “I love you” or “I miss you”.

I was truly blessed when God chose my partner in marriage and life. Take a little extra care and insert some intentional effort into your relationship. You won’t regret it.