Inspirational Weightloss

Slow and Steady (Wins the Race?)

The other day I took my daughter to lunch. Now that my eating is so restricted it is difficult to find something that is both enjoyable and doesn’t derail me. We tried a place called Crushed Red Urban Bake and Chop Shop. They serve soups, salads, and pizzas all made from healthy quality foods. It was amazing! The picture above is my pesto shrimp and artichoke pizza. (The half I didn’t already consume) The entire pizza was 400 calories and sooo  yummy! Hannah enjoyed her chipotle bbq chicken pizza as well. If you have one in your area I highly  recommend it. We have to enjoy our food as well as fuel our bodies. I weigh daily as instructed by my doctor. I have to remind myself that the number is not necessarily a true reflection of my progress. If I get too caught up in what the scale says discouragement can creep up and the enemy takes full advantage. I have to take one step at a time and remind myself that if I just put one foot in front of the other, that like the turtle I just might win this race. So far I am down a little more than 20 pounds. While that might sound like a big number, in the whole scheme of things it is just a fraction of where I need to be. It won’t happen overnight; but I am determined. We all have things we are trying to accomplish. We must have the patience to persevere and put in the work it takes to win the race!


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